Thursday, May 24, 2007

having a Field Day

Today, Olivia had her first Field Day at school. The Kindergartner's was on a little lesser scale than the big kids, and thank goodness really b/c it is in the upper 80's here today. HOT!! Here are some action shots of her. This first one, well it really melts my heart, and not just b/c I have yet to cool down from being out there for 2+ hours. Sometimes (honestly, it happens a few times per week, not sure how normal that is, emotionally speaking) I just well up looking at my children. Usually during something very ordinary. Like field day. Or b/c she is really smiling at me, for me, wearing a High School Musical shirt. It sums up who and where she is right now. The fact that I am there, enjoying my child, and her everyday experiences, it's just about the sweetest thing ever. I have bad days, lots of them, but I truly always wanted to be a Mom. I wanted to bake cupcakes, and help at the school functions. And doing it, it is just about as good as I ever imagined. Often times it's better. Chances are, she is going to get off of the bus this afternoon one big ol' hot grump and a good day, is going to lead into a slightly more challenging night. So I will savor my bits of contentment. And it dawned on me, as I wrote this, what the meaning of "having a field day" is. Funny. She had hers, and I had one of my own.

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