Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a page and a challenge

I made this page as a result of seeing this blog listed at 2 peas. I doubt I can keep up with them weekly, or maybe it is bi-weekly, but it was a good kick in the pants for this page. I could not scan this page b/c all the buttons made it look wonky, so instead I took an OK picture of it. I love how timeless Shelby looks--it could be 1907 or 2007!
I may sneak to the camera store tonight and try to exchange or replace my lens. I am sure the Holiday weekend will provide many photo ops, and I'd like to have it on hand. I have to go into work for a bit as well. Last night I attended a very nice fundraising dinner sponsored by Cancer Family Care, where Maureen (my boss) was honored. So humbling to hear people speak of their triumphs over this disease personally, or how people have worked so hard to help others. Inspiring.
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