Sunday, July 15, 2007

doing laundry

I know it is called a chore, but today, I am not sure where I would categorize it...cruel and unusual punishment, maybe?!
So, first I lay with Shelby in my bed for a nap. Bless her heart, she slept over 2 hours. I never did fall asleep despite being up until 1:30 am (gasp!) and nursing a slight, vodka induced hangover. Unfortunately, I got up and left her in bed napping, in undies. So when Dave gets her up, she has soaked thru our King sized comforter, sheets, mattress pad cover, down to the mattress. So off to the Laundromat in search of a king sized washer. What an adventure. 32 quarters later, I had two loads going and then I drove home for more quarters and back to make the switch to the dryer. Can I say again, I am tired, hungover, it's hot as Haiti here today, and hotter inside that building. Ok, Dave picks everything up and I am feeling like I solved the problem in short order and then....
I open the washer from the load I had started earlier. Shelby had a few tinkle accidents (notice a theme?) at her overnight stay with my parents (reason I was able to earn a hangover)so I had emptied her bag into the washer. BUT, I apparently did not catch a stray Pull Up. No wonder people are up in arms over disposable diapers and them taking over landfills b/c what happened inside my washer, it wasn't pretty. That thing had blown up and then exploded, covering all the clothes and washer with gel type beads?! I am still in the midst of conquering them. I nearly cried. I still might. So, in 6 years I am now considering myself lucky to have never washed a diaper before, and if I ever do it again, I will throw away the washer, all the clothes, and start over.
Happily, I just checked the laundry and after being shaken outside, and then run back through the washer, it is now gel pellet free. Pin It

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Carla said...

i hope that you will follow this up with a "listen-to-how-darned-precious-my-sweet-angelic-child-is-which-makes-cleaning-up-toddler-urine-from-the-bed-i-sleep-in-SOOOO-worth-it" post, because for us singles, this is the kind of thing that makes our ovaries NOT ache with reproduction desire... :)