Tuesday, July 17, 2007

photos on the wall

So I finally did it! I created a photo collage in my hallway. I saw the idea here: Jamie Schultz Designs. She sells templates on ways to display photos on your wall. Very clever, very helpful. Her target market is professional photographers, and I think it is genius b/c it would really encourage people to buy larger photos once they can visualize how the display will look. Anyway, I am grateful I got a simple enough idea, and carried it out! Now, my hanging skills...not so good. They are not perfect, and my husband is going to die if he ever moves them and sees all of the nail holes underneath since I eye-balled the whole deal. I also tried to use a few existing nails, b/c was one was a big anchor that had held a professional baby pic of Olivia. That will have to find a new home. I also have one more 5x7 frame to fill w/ a photo of Olivia, and reprint our family pic as an 8x10 b/c Dave's head is pretty much cut off!
Now for the best, once I saw this layout, I happened to go to the Big "W" for some household goods and could not resist when I saw these frames...the large for $5 and the small for $3. Someday I will upgrade, but for now, they are just fine.
I have a collection of assorted black frames with white mattes, just waiting for pics. My goal is to begin a collage going up my stairs. Today, I feel like I can do it!!
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