Wednesday, December 26, 2007


First, these collages are just so easy that it is the best way to show many shots, fast. I know, heads get cut off but I also think you can get the picture (pun intended!).
It was a great Christmas. Beginning with Christmas Eve mass that was literally at overflow proportions. I am my Mom's daugther b/c I absolutely love children singing. And children singing Christmas songs...even better. My girls behaved so well and it was so long and so hot too. The first two pictures are them dressed in their coordinating outfits before church.
The girls were so excited on Monday night. Olivia just could not fall asleep so Dave and I did not start our prep until 10:45 pm. We exchanged gifts that night, and I got an Ipod Nano--huge surprise. He had it wrapped and hidden inside a slipper...and I was happy just with those and a flat iron for my sad hairstyle! Back to the Ipod--today--my excitement has all but evaporated b/c I have had so much trouble syncing music onto the darned thing. Maybe my old MP3 was not so bad, I am just cursed by music +technology?! I have had more success via his laptop but I know it should not be this hard. Half of America would not have them if it were. Right? I actually reinstalled Windows Media Player on my computer, a painfully long process and it won't even recognize any music on the Ipod at all. ANY help at all is appreciated. PLEASE.
I plan a post about gift hits and misses but tonight, I will begin by saying that the Sansa Shaker is nothing short of brilliant. Olivia could not be more pleased with that and her I-Dog. A very special elf preloaded her Shaker with about a dozen songs and that made it an instant hit. The external speaker: brilliant for this age. If only my $150 Ipod were so easy to load with music...
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