Thursday, December 27, 2007

holiday pages

Already?! Yep. That is the magic...and speed...of digital scrapbooking. I am feeling the pull from paper scrapping. It is hard not to when I can create so quickly with new things...and most of them free. The competition is so fierce amongst digital designers (by that I mean people creating the paper, embellishments, frames...the stuff to scrap with) to get their product out in front of the buyer that many give away "freebies". About a month ago I found this blog, and I visit daily, and get new things about that often. I have gotten much better at organizing my digital stuff, and try to unzip and then tag them in Picasa shortly after downloading them. I am sure this is greek to many of you, but if you have PhotoShop, and/or if you are a digi scrapbooker, some of this might be helpful. I was actually invited to scrapbook tomorrow at the local Archivers store. As much as I want to, I could not quite face up to the challenge of packing up all my paper supplies,. Plus we plan to try a family outing tomorrow anyway. Recording, and making, memories in any fashion is good to me. I am firmly in the gray camp about what is best. Truth is, I love it all and wish I had more time to spend on it, and more means to do it with!

Layout one-
Weeds and Wildflowers template
Designer Digitals postmark
Layout two-
Designer Digitals template and postmark
Paper and tree by Franziska
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WHAK'd said...

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