Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a snow day

Hooray! Even though I am somewhat craving our old routine, I dreaded Olivia's return to school on Jan 2. Thanks to Mother Nature, snow and very cold temps (2 degrees this am?!) she got the day off. My girls are HARDCORE about the snow though. Two phone calls to neighbors and no takers on joining them outside, however, they were not to be deterred. I have to be totally honest and tell you I took all of these photos standing in the front door of the house, never actually stepping out into the frigid weather but they tell the tale well. I was so proud of Olivia for including Shelby, getting her on the sled, and digging her heels in, to get them to the point that they eventually slid down our tiny hill. Shelby was squealing with delight. One of those moments that absolutely warmed my heart.
The downside of outside, snow play? The mess!

And then Olivia wanted to make "snow cream". I found a recipe quickly here, and we just did that too. (I made a little promise to myself, that I would commit to doing more hands-on things over this break with them, and I have done a darned good job: bird feeders, crafts, a movie at the theater, Festival of Lights at the Zoo). It tasted remarkable like ice cream! Not Haagen Dazs, and it melted fast, but pretty tasty.

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