Saturday, April 19, 2008

scrapping a page

digitally! Definitely a different, and funky look for me but I like it!! The pics I love are the ones that tend to motivate me to go back to creating. And I am so much better, and more inclined, to tell the everyday stories than special events's ones. If you want details on what products I used, click here.
Olivia returned to horseback riding today, after a 4 week hiatus following TWO spills. She did not just fall off either, both times she was thrown. She was back on Ruby the pony, but with wavering confidence. We will try it for another month and then maybe move on if she remains so iffy. Plus, just like everything else in the world right now, the price just went up and it is not a cheap hobby to start :)
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Carla said...

cool page. awesome pic of your girl. :) i am glad you are back to blogging... but i know how it feels to wonder who is reading... i look at my stat counter - there's lots of hits, but who the heck are they??? the best is when i can tell someone is googling me from like phoenix or brooklyn or something!! LOL. i'm going to respond to all of your emails today. :)