Tuesday, April 22, 2008

what's for dinner?

Tonight, steak on the grill with some sauteed mushrooms. I have tried many different things on my 'shrooms and seem to gravitate back to a mix of olive oil, butter, garlic and simple button mushrooms. My mom adds worchestire, those are good too.

Last night, I made the Asian Style Pork Chops by RR...that recipe is listed on the right. Still yummy and a great change of pace for standard fare. Last night, I used regular BBQ sauce b/c I did not have any Hoisin sauce and it was Yum-O to quote the master.

Suddenly, I am craving mexican food. I have made a few things, and have a few recipes cut out (or printed out) to try. Here is one by Paula Deen. All that soup makes me a little wary but I am going to try it...and then invite someone over to share b/c Dave and I would barely make a dent in that. I also saw an epidose where her son Jamie (cute!) made stuffed strawberries. I cannot find that online now so I may have to improvise but it is basically a strawberry stuffed with cream cheese (think cheesecake!) filling. They looked so easy and delicious. I may try that for Mother's Day. Pin It

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