Friday, August 22, 2008

one little sneak peek...

Of my in progress, office re-do. I got that owl on etsy and I love it SO much! I am going to add a third hoop, 10", so a size between the two shown here in a coordinating stripe. I will have one little wall done once that is up. Yea. The tree is impractical but only $5 from Ikea. I hope to make some cutesy tags to go with it. If it is just way too much of a useless space invader, I will go with a basket or something instead. The curtains are from Ikea too. They are very well made and lined. I added the orange grosgrain and the ball fringe. The two fabrics shown here are from J Caroline Creative, an online source I love. They have an awesome how-to section as well. The main thing left to do is begin on the big blank wall behind my desk. I just need to take the plunge, hang the first item and go from there. Here is that space on the day I began the re-do.
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On the right is my mammoth scrapbook shelving that Dave built for me years ago. It has served me well but now I want this to be an office and all purpose craft room, but I need to incorporate those as best as possible since they are built in. That is coming along too. Pin It

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Amy said...

what a great use of those round hoops. I know my mom has a stash of those from the cross-stitch days. loving the transformation of the office