Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 calendar


On December 21 or 22, I decided I really needed to give Tyler a handmade gift too but I did not think he needed a desk calendar like my other family members--he does work, but not at a desk. So I was aiming for something simpler for his room but that would also showcase a different photo each month (and something I could kick out quickly!). Here is my solution! I used the free calendar set from here. I designed the cover myself and then the most fun thing of all--decoupaging the binder clip to use as a stand. It worked out so perfectly. My friend Kim gave me this idea, she used them to hold gift cards, another totally fun idea. I got this jumbo sized one from her but I picked up an assortment at the dollar store too. The cover might look a little wonky b/c I printed it at home thinking I would not get my prints from Walmart in time, but they came through. I knew it was temporary so I used my photo paper from Dollar Tree, only b/c I have about 3 packages of the stuff. My printer does not like it AT ALL so I can only use it up for nonsense type things. Not everything that costs a $1 can always be a deal, right?!

I liked this calendar so well, I think I will print one out for my husband's office.

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Aunt Kelly said...

Who are those cute kids :)