Friday, December 26, 2008

just how Christmas should be--

Smiles on kids' faces because they are receving gifts they love. And family. LOVE this picture of my Mom and my girls. L.O.V.E.

We had a very Merry Wii, I mean a very Merry one, um a Merry Christmas! Our family got the Wii from my parents, the Wii Fit from my in laws and lots of games and stuff to go along with it. Darn if that is not plain ol' fun. Shelby also got a new DS and Cooking Mama which is my favorite. Really, the first game I have taken to at all on that thing. I am not such a good gamer. I feel a change in the air though.
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Tracy said...

We are a Wii and Wii fit family. I am LOVING the tv being on, but having them up and moving. We have to get a few more controlers, but I am really enjoying it. SO fun. Its the modern age board game!