Tuesday, December 30, 2008

office hutch goodness

Remember this $6 thrifting find??

So it has spent about 6 weeks in my garage until Sunday I decided 42 degrees was a good time to break out the spray paint.
Two cans later, some sanding and a coat of polyurethane and it looks like this. I am so proud of myself. I am good at ideas, not so good at the follow through typically.
And then yesterday, I got all kinds of impatient and carried it by myself up the stairs and into my office. It is not light. In fact, I had to call Olivia to help push from behind on the stairs and she ran screaming that I was going to squash her when it slid down a bit. Fortunately, her friend was here playing, and she helped me. Yikes!
I am really loving it and all the possibilities. I already have several more items in place, and switched things around to better suit my storage and crafting needs. Which these days are leaning more heavily toward sewing than anything else. Go figure. I also plan to take down the white shelf above it, spray that matching green and also spray all the lids on the baby food jars. Yea, that was the original idea 4 or so years ago...

I am making what I have work and that is satisfying.
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Mrs. Incredible said...

Very nice job! I love the color. I painted my office a lighter shade of the "happy" green that you used on your hutch and I love it. It truly makes me happy. Again, nice job!

Carla said...

That looks awesome! Your creativity continues to amaze me!! I told Amy about this and we both marveled that they make spray paint in cute colors?! Who knew?

Mrs. Incredible said...

Okay, the new year is calling for spray painted chairs. What brand and color did you use on your hutch?