Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Day

It is an annual affair for my family. The big kids still come which is a tribute to my mom, my sister and I come b/c we fear my mom's wrath if we do not (just kidding! we love it too) and my little kids dig it of course b/c they get to eat junk, make messes, and be spoiled by Aunt Kelly, Tyler, Kacie, Mama and Papa.
So, on top we have two very serious chocolate artists making lollipops. Next, most of the gang in the overflowing kitchen. Kacie made Baklava from scratch this year and I will admit, I was thinking this is CRAZY! It takes too much time and is really involved but she stuck it out and it turned out beautifully. I am so sorry I did not get a picture of the pan b/c it looked like it came from a bakery, and tasted even better. Perfection. I will share the recipe just as soon as my Mom can unstick the pages and send it over to me! Last, is my sister decorating snowman cookies. She loves snowmen, collects them. Aren't they cute?!
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