Wednesday, December 17, 2008

handmade christmas gifts

So finally, something to hang on my Ikea tree. Handmade ornaments! I have just been freestylin' some simple shapes from felted wool. The red is from a woman's wool thrifted blazer, and the beige was a man's sweater. Most of this ribbon was the $1 spot stuff from Target. I am having a blast making them, and do so when I should really be doing other things. like housework. Oh well.

Inside the envelope is a do-it-yourself stationary set. I gave these to Shelby's teachers today and they went wild over the idea. I printed out address labels and notecards for each of them but also included a CD with the PDF files for them to make their own in the future. I attached the explanation on the sticker, and then more detailed instructions on the letter inside. I also included the instructions on the CD as another PDF file. I took lots of inspiration from here. I have used digtal scrapbook supplies that I have either downloaded for free or purchased. These are all for personal use, so I am just giving them as gifts. I am going to kick out a few more of these tonight. And I also have a more specialized one planned for my nephew who lives in NC--a pen pal kit.
Once again, these pictures were taken in the dark of night, making a flash necessary. Please forgive me.

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