Wednesday, January 14, 2009

christmas brag book repurposed as thank you...

I downloaded this freebie from Weeds and Wildflowers during the month of December. Not sure if they still have stuff available for free, but there were some GREAT things being given away.
Last week, I dropped in a few pictures from our Holidays, had them printed at Walmart and then made this little booklet. I simply glued the pages together back to back, punched two holes and tied them together with ribbon.
I mailed this to my parents yesterday so hopefully they either A) receive it in the mail today or B) do not read my blog until they do!

My little model had some ideas of her own but I think she helps me to get the idea across.
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Aunt Kelly said...

what about Aunt Kelly????

Tracy said...

I can print one out for Aunt Kelly too!