Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a plea for HELP with google bookmarks

I installed a new toolbar yesterday and now things are not working for me :( Clicking that star, adding my bookmarks and editing them is my lifeblood! I have searched for help online but cannot find the answer. Any insight?!! Please. I can still access my bookmarks, in a clunky way, but clicking on the blue star to add a new one, does nothing. Nor does right clicking the star. Save, me please.

ETA: I have spent waaaaaayyyyy too much time trying to get this back to what it was before my unfortunate download of the latest version of the Google toolbar. Finally, I googled "reinstall old version of google toolbar" (among six bizillion other things) and although I do not know how, or why, my bookmark feature has been restored to it's old self. Can I get an Amen?

Tomorrow (or possibly tonight) I can return to regularly scheduled crafting, blogging, blog reading... Pin It

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