Friday, January 16, 2009

homemade cousins pen pal kit

These are just the digital versions of what I compiled for my nephew, Justin. He lives in NC while all the other cousins live in Ohio. They are in town this weekend so I will finally give him this as part of his Christmas gift. The top pic is the return address label I made, the next is a pdf file that when printed onto card stock, and then cut in half, becomes tw folded note cards. The bottom is the free digital kit I used. Darling stuff there, huh? I also included some store bought items like markers and stickers along with a sheet of stamps. This is a variation of some of the things I did as Christmas gifts but the "cousins pen pal" part came from Family Fun Magazine. Love that magazine. I subscribed when Olivia was a if she would be crafting yet? I was just very anxious. Actually we did make Thanksgiving cards using her tiny footprint that first year, turned them into turkeys and mailed them to family. To this day, one of the cutest things I have done.
Just winding down, waiting for my little gathering later today. I am on the record saying that I love the shopping part, the cooking part, the decorating and creative touches, the cleaning? Not so much. I figure at this stage in my life, that is just not going to change. Dave really helped me out earlier in the week in that department was a nice surprise. I will share some of the things I made for tonight later this weekend.
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ETA: Ooops, just realized I had shown a real address so the first picture has been deleted. Feeling sick over it too since it was my nephew.
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Mrs. Incredible said...

I saw this in FF too. Yours is very cute! I subscribed when my 11 year old was 6 months old and I still get the mag; it is my 8 year old's favorite mag! Where did you find the kit?

Tracy said...

That was free digi kit from awhile back. It might of come from here: I googled chriscraps and that came up.