Thursday, February 12, 2009

i am a rock star...

If you have girls, you can probably sing right along with those lyrics "i'm not usual, not so typical...i might even be a rock star!" --Hannah Montana

So back to the pics. Olivia was given the assignment to make an instrument and last week, she made a flute from drinking straws and was satisfied until...the other second grade classes showed up with their much fancier instruments yesterday. Then she declared she wanted to make a guitar, on the night before it was due, the same night that we needed to prepare for 2 Valentine's parties. So, I assigned the task to her father and handed him the most recent Family Fun magazine. Oh, I also secured the cardboard box from a neighbor. A few hours later and Voila--an over sized, pink, electric guitar!!! I guess it was a big hit at school too.
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