Friday, March 27, 2009

panini maker

By this, I am defining myself as the panini maker. I do not have the appliance. I would have no where to store it but my basement, which would mean I would never use it. However, when I see pictures and recipes like this, I just crave one.(this photo is from Woman's Day, as is the recipe)

I made a variation of this using tomatoes instead of red peppers, only b/c I did not have any. And I made only the sandwich, not the salad. And how did I grill it, you might ask? In my WAFFLE IRON! It may not make for the most beautiful presentation, but it delivers on taste. In the past week, I have made 3 lunch sandwiches in my waffle iron. One turkey club on thickly sliced bread with mayo and the other, on crusty bread with left over grilled chicken from the night before, tomatoes, pesto and provolone. Seriously, good stuff.

By the way, the last time my waffle iron saw any action was probably around 2003. It is happy to be back on the counter and delivering. Pin It

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randi---i have to say said...

What a great idea! I have a friend with one of those panini makers and she makes the yummiest lunches when I visit. We have a waffle maker collecting dust too so I am going to have to attempt this!