Monday, March 23, 2009

sunday showcase (one day late)

I am starting to feel more human now that I have had some decent sleep. I have been doing much smiling recalling Saturday night, all the fun I had there, and all the gladness and appreciation of all the details that went into pulling it off. Kudos again to my friends and family.

One of the seriously funny treasures is the 80's CD shared as a party favor. I listened to it today in my car and was grinning from ear to ear!

Here's what I collected last week:

kidlet free tutorial: love this, I have made one and will make more
Jeffrey Gitomer Seminar: Wow. I enjoyed this immensely. I learned a ton and need to promise myself to make changes and implement his ideas. And it was a pleasure to "meet" him in person and now know how to apply his personality to his books. He also showed pictures of his entire family, including his new baby daughter. Today when I saw his picture on this blog, I felt like I had a true appreciation of the warmth felt under those smiles.
Super Buzzy japanese fabric:I am developing a real love for Japanese fabric and this is a great site. I have yet to make an investment but I want to!
Allison Strine:I am in love with this "camera girl" pendant.
Lisa Leonard: I have mentioned her before but I fell upon her new site, and coordinating blog, this week and am back to coveting a few more items. Such as the bracelets. Must.Have.One.This is the necklace I got from her one year ago.
You Can Quilt This: free sewing machine giveaway. I know I just got a new machine but this one looks to do everything but the dishes so why not try, right?! Pin It

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randi said...

Lisa Leonard produces the most adorable jewelry! I don't any of her designs, but would love to one day!