Thursday, May 14, 2009

" i turned around twice and she was grown"

My neighbor used this saying years ago, I had never heard it, but I understand it. Today, Shelby graduated from pre-school and my 5 year career as a pre-school mom ended. Wow. Suddenly, it is like it flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was carrying Shelby in the car seat, dropping Olivia off there.
Anyway, Shelby asked to see "those books in my office today" (her scrapbooks) so we took a stroll down memory lane together.

Here is a scan of a layout from my paper scrapping days. Shelby spent about 24 hours in the nicu. That photo above is the view I had when they wheeled me into the nursery in a hospital bed, straight from the recovery room following my c-section. She made a fast escape from that place, thank goodness.
Here she is at 5weeks old. I think this was even published in a book or magazine. (This is also a scan which is why beauty appears to be spelled incorrectly) My friend Amy and I took all kinds of naked baby photos out in my garage. Relax, it was August and blazing hot so no babies were harmed during our experiment!
I also kept a 6x6 pregnancy journal which is so fun to look back at as well. This was me at 18wks pregnant. I look more thick than pregnant, huh?!

And here is my sweet girl today holding her pre-school certificate/diploma. Next stop on this ride? Kindergarten.
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Amy said...

so sweet. Aren't you glad you scrapbooked all the memories.