Monday, May 11, 2009

life 365: april

April 2009
I am 1/3 of the way done with my 2009 scrapbook pages for my "family album". So far, this is still something I am looking forward to doing each month, not dreading. I think alot has to do with the fact that what has happened is still current which helps lessen the dread factor about retelling the story properly, or just not wanting to go back in the "way back" vault to do them at all. Each month that I spend doing these pages, it really makes me want to document other stories in more depth. I have not yet set aside any time to do that but I want to. I have so many other good photos just calling out to be married with a story and few good scrapbooking products!

As a quick reminder, this template is from Designer Digitals and each month I am changing it up by turning the pages around and tweaking them slightly. The papers and elements are from We R Storytellers for the most part. The absolute best thing about this project has been limiting the products I am using. It makes the creation process go so much faster.
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