Sunday, May 10, 2009

the smile that says it all...

The day went splendidly. Olivia was a joy. The day was beautiful. Church was lovely.

Olivia received a few gifts before she dressed and we headed to Mass. Receiving a $100 bill from Mama and Papa was a highlight. Is that a genuine smile or what?!
The only photo in church by a stained glass window even though I had thought long about all the gorgeous potential. That's OK, I can roll with it.
The dessert table, finished.
The buffet table, moments before 30+ descended upon it.

The night went perfectly. Big kudos to LaRosa's catering and delivery.

Now, I am trying to relax a little before tackling the rest of the clean up. Currently, I have a small child laying on the ground outside of my office sobbing, throwing one HUGE fit. Happy Mother's Day!
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