Saturday, June 13, 2009

happiness is...

-a visit to King's Island, with both girls, and no stroller-for the first time ever!

-shelby both growing an inch or two and wanting to ride a new set of rides=fun for all 3 of us

-a cheesy mett for dinner (seriously an unhealthy but delicious choice)

-both girls riding bikes in our cul de sac, one with training wheels, the other without

-holding a newborn baby (!)

-good, encouraging news regarding my PT job at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College for next year, and possibly beyond

That was a recap of Friday. TGIF.

I just completed making this Cheesy Mostaccioli for tomorrow night's dinner. I bought garlic bread and fixin's for a salad and I'm calling it done. I know some of my family is coming to visit and that should feed whatever crowd materializes. Hopefully that affords me some pool time, lounging time and maybe even sewing time! Pin It

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