Monday, June 15, 2009

muffin tin monday

(photos taken from other blogs, you can see they range from fancy to not so much but still clever!)

I start off the summer all inspired and full of ideas. This is a new one for 2009: Muffin Tin Mondays. That links you to blog where it all began (as far as I can tell). But there are groups on flickr and many other moms/bloggers who dedicate time to this. Today, we returned from Olivia's first day of Art Camp, and out of the cupboard came my two (disposable, purchased for 90 cents) muffin tins. I announced my plan and the girls pretty much embraced it. Already ideas were circulating for Tea Party Tuesday, and something else for Wednesday, I cannot remember. I want to milk the novelty, not wear it out this week, so I might have to put them off a bit.

Here is another creative one: everything begins with B. I might be able to pull an idea like this off. If it continues to go well, I might upgrade to better pans :) Pin It

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