Thursday, April 22, 2010

a collection of earth day tidbits

Last night, I was introduced to a dozen organic cotton fabric companies via Betz White's blog. Wow. I will admit, this has swayed me to pay more b/c they are all so beautiful.

Today, I enjoyed Tara Whitney's post and many of her links too. I am going to try and sell my kids on the Laptop Lunches for next year.

I'd like to embrace cloth napkins a bit too. It would be fun to sew some reversible ones out of fun fabric and maybe that will translate into them traveling in the packed lunches as well? And while I am at it, I might try to create a few re-usable lunch baggies like these from Nora Griffin's sister. Seriously, teaching yourself to sew with 3 babies?!

What we do now:
recycle newspaper
magazine share-for the past year or more I make a conscious effort to pass mine on to someone else instead of tossing them
I am about 80% accurate in remembering my totes at the grocery store-the plastic bags I do bring home get used again or returned to the store

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