Sunday, April 11, 2010

one room makeover-in progress

I have been super scarce b/c Friday and Saturday for me (and continuing into today for Dave) were totally occupied by the master bedroom makeover. It is painted, a brown that I really love. And as of yesterday, the headboard is finished and in place. Dave is still working on the gigantic closet overhaul and no new decor has been installed but I was too anxious not to share at least this. The headboard is kinda short so I think we may raise it if possible b/c with shams, it would be completely covered. And I worked too hard for that to happen...

I just ordered 4 yards of this fabric to make my shams:You can see the side table peeking out here. I think I may paint those both white like the headboard and distress them and go with black knobs. Input?

And one more of a corner of the room where the paint is a bit truer.

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Kelly said...

Tracy...Your room is beautiful.
I love the color and the head board looks awesome.
You are so talented. When will the closet be complete?
Kelly :)

Amy said...

Loving it!!!!! What a difference the white makes on the headboard. Can't wait to see the final product.

Amber said...

I really like your headboard! I love taking chunky discarded pieces of furniture and updating them. You mentioned raising it. I agree with you. My headboard is short like that and I wish it was higher. My shams completely cover it up.
Thanks for posting a comment about my chair makeover. :)
Amber @ It's Greener Over Here
by the way, I live in Ohio too. :) Northeast Ohio.