Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crafting, creating and trying to get christmas-y

Thanks to my awesome family, I have had most of the day and I will have all of the night, to myself! I have done some computing and office cleaning, which led to a bit of crafting but I did not have plans for anything specific so I moved on to a list of gifts I will need to procure.
Finding that nothing I was currently crafting was likely going to work on that list, I moved on to my annual calendars.
So as not to ruin the surprise, these are just snippets of the final product. A much different look than I have done in the past, and in a smaller size, 4x6. I am loving them! You can purchase this calendar kit, with most of the work done for you, at Little Dreamer Designs.
I will have these spiral bound this year. Although last year's stand was clever, it was not as sturdy throughout the year.

It has gone from gloomy, to sleeting to all out raining now. A good day to be inside and uninterrupted. The UPS driver just delivered my Shutterfly book...the one I just completed on 11/20. It looks great although I found two typos. Darn it.

I completed my wreath but because it is so dark, I will have to take a photo in the next few days.
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