Saturday, January 22, 2011

guess what?

I made it through meatloaf on the Monday Meal plan and then I was struck down. Literally. Tuesday night I went to bed with an aching ear and today, Saturday, I am still trying to shake the crud. List includes:

ear infection
very sore throat
new for today: sinus infection

Just today, swallowing doesn't make me wince and my second round of antibiotics was administered. I am convinced I am on the road to recovery!

Of my 4 days of illness, my girls were home for 2 snow days. Thankfully they have been SO GOOD and my husband has been home a bunch too (which if you are married, you know that can be a mixed blessing).

On Tuesday, I downloaded a planner from Motivated Moms. I printed out every page and was ready to begin taking back control of my home. Yea, not so much. But I am excited to try and adhere to this plan. It looks very manageable. And includes meal planning! That part I might get an A in. Look out Monday.

Tomorrow I will spend the day at Receptions Bridal Show and I am looking forward to it. Hooray for getting out of the house. Woot Woot for feeling better. Three cheers for adult interaction. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tip on Motivated Moms. I just downloaded the App, and I think this is really going to help me organize my cleaning and home this year. Blessings!