Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ballard Designs Knock Off Bulletin Board

Slowly, after painting the walls in every room on our lower level, we are returning to some semblance of order. One key was getting our kitchen shelf back in place and functional.
Good news:

I love it's new grey and yellow paint job. Bad news? The paint will not adhere solidly despite everything we have tried. So...this may only be a temporary solution.
Moving on, today I knocked off the Ballard Designs Sisal Message board. Their price $139+.

Granted, their version is larger BUT

I made this using a 16x20 frame I already had and a rug from Target.

The rug was $12.99 and actually big enough to make 2 boards. I simply placed the cardboard backing from the frame on the rug to use as a cutting template. I placed it inside the frame, minus the glass and voila:

I got this. Start to finish, it only took about 15 minutes.

What do you think? I need a few more straight pins for fasteners and I hope to make a few decorative push pins as well.

My project is linked with others here:

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Mokara Floral Design said...

You have inspired me! This is fabulous :) I am totally going to do this!!