Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tonight's Dinner-Tomato Walnut Tilapia

I did not get a chance to share a meal plan on Monday but this was on my list to make and we had it tonight.
Tomato Walnut TilapiaI left out the walnuts in the topping because my husband doesn't like cooked nuts but this still turned out crazy good. This is my first time ever baking a completely plain fish filet from scratch. I bought a bag of frozen, individually portioned, tilapia filets at Kroger and this worked out perfectly. I made four and was glad I did because I had no trouble eating two myself!

In other cooking news, during a bad storm last night, we lost power for 6-7 hours. As of this morning, my microwave turns on and sounds like it is working but nothing heats. So far we have not found anything else to be out of order but in less than 12 hours, I realize how often I used the microwave! Tonight's dinner was dramatically changed since I could not cook my baked potatoes (quickly enough, we did not get home from soccer until 6:15), or heat my corn or the girls' chicken nuggets in that fashion. Or melt my butter for the fish topping. And on and on. Looks like we will be buying a new one and I know it will not be inexpensive as ours is built in above the stove. Of course, compared to the devastation in Joplin, MO this pales in comparison. Heck, it does not even register a blip.

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Kelly Noel said...

that tilapia looks yummy!! gonna have to try that one.