Friday, May 20, 2011

I blogging

I have met {virtually, via the internet} more friends then I can count. The WWW is full of women with great ideas, passions, products and stories and they are succeeding professionally through blogging. Many of these independent business owners do marketing, social media and branding better than some of the biggest and most well known companies. And guess what? These BIG companies have noticed and are harnessing these female bloggers reach through promotions like these:

House of Smiths - new appliances and a trip to NYC
Gussy Sews - Singer sewing machine giveaways
Kayla Aimee - Home Goods shopping adventure

These are big ones, but daily I see promotions for photo albums, cereal samples and much more. And those are more than great too. Last week, I received two boxes of Quaker Oats cereal in the mail, along with coupons, and in exchange I have tweeted about the cereal {and I am writing about it here}. Kudos to Quaker Oats. And an even bigger pat on the back to the Clever Girls Collective for making this promotion, and many more, happen. {click on the button in my sidebar to learn more about the extraordinarily clever, Clever Girls}

I guess this is my ode to the internet. A thank you for all the opportunities it has brought to me and my family. And also an "atta boy" to all the ladies making a living in this unconventional but very real way. I am proud to say I am a blogger and pleased to be in such good company. Pin It

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