Tuesday, May 17, 2011

scrapbooking: telling our story

Lately, I have been moved to begin making scrapbook pages again and telling our story. I credit some of the motivation to my new role at CatScrap Designs. It's lovely to have access to such great product :)

Thanks to the motivation of a Groupon expiring on May 18, this gem is on it's way to me.
Our 2010 Family Album. You can view mine and many other masterpieces HERE. The past two years, I have taken this approach: to write a monthly summary and add in other pages as I wanted. I primarily used the same scrapbooking products throughout each album and it really did simplify the design and I love both albums. {view 2009 album here}
But...this year I am going back to scrapping individual pages with whatever products I want to use at that moment. I have not decided if i will set a deadline and print them in an album or add pages into the existing books I have (family, Shelby, Olivia, Sisters) or just put individual pages into a designated 2011 album at some point. It doesn't matter to me right now...I just want to keep scrapbooking and I will organize them later.

So happy and lucky to have a sweet family and memories to document. Pin It

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Kelly Noel said...

i love that album concept and your pages are wonderful!!