Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day

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This is always an emotional weekend for me. I have talked about it a bit before on this blog here, here and here but 11 years ago I had three little babies. Three babies that arrived far too soon and therefore only survived a few days. Max, Mallory and McKenzie. My babies. Early on, if I even heard one of those names it would unsettle me but time does have a way of healing. As does mothering two pieces of perfection named Olivia and Shelby. I guess you never know why, and I did question many things in those early days, weeks and months. But I did survive and I did not give up on being a mother, thank goodness. Well actually, thank God.

So I am tender. My emotions are right there. Combine that with the fact that my nephew is leaving for Army Boot Camp on Tuesday and I am a mess :) I wonder about the timing of things. Why is it that Tyler is leaving so near Memorial Day? I have thought a few times of declaring it unfair. But really it is a great thing. He is determined and proud and although it is very hard for me to accept that he may ever face danger, I am proud too. And the next 17 weeks or so are in reality only a blip on the radar screen. I have to remember that. Time has a way of moving swiftly when you need it to and also working magic.

Memorial Day.
Memories: recalling old ones and making new ones.
I will put one foot in front of the other and do just that this weekend. Pin It


Kelly Noel said...

Hugs Tracy...I too had a little one born too soon and believe it or not we named her Mackenzie too :) time definitely heals, it's only been 8 years for us, but it gets a little bit easier every year. sending lots of hugs!!

shari rossi said...

Tracy--I too know how you feel-each year at the beginning of December I get pretty emotional & it seems every single year I relive those days hours by hour in my mind--but you're right time really does make it easier. Thinking of you & sending you hugs & love. --Shari