Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fisheye Lens for the iPhone camera

I think you have to be a pretty big photography geek to even consider buying add on lenses for your phone's camera.

This is me, raising my hand as a card carrying member of the geek squad.

A fisheye lens for a DSLR is a big investment, one I have not been wiling to make as just a "mom with camera"/hobbyist. But I have always LOVED the rounded look of the fisheye lens.

For a very small investment, I got one for my iPhone from PhotoJojo which could not be a cooler place. Even my invoice is clever. So, the quality is not that great...but the effect is spot on. I love it. And I highly recommend it. Wanna know how the lens attaches? A super strong magnet. Like I said, just an all around cool gadget.

 (image from photojojo)

And a few more shots from yesterday:

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Judi said...

Hi there
Now I've never even heard of that before but the picture effect is great. You must be having an awful lot of fun with it!! I'll be back to see what you've been up to.
Have a wonderful weekend.