Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meals, without a plan

I had good intentions of sharing a Monday Meal Plan post and then Monday ran away without me and a quick glance at my calendar late in the evening revealed we'd be lucky to even eat this week! Last night I did make dinner and the pork chops on the grill were so good. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is my new favorite.

I also made the simple pumpkin muffins that I see being shared on Pinterest over and over. I added one single serve portion of apple sauce and one can of pumpkin puree to a yellow cake mix. Next I added cinnamon and chocolate chips. The mixture is very thick. I filled about 18 muffin liners and baked for 25 minutes. Oh, I sprinkled the tops with cinnamon and sugar too. They are really tasty! Very moist. They are sweet, more like a cupcake thanks to the premade cake mix. I shared them last night at the PTO meeting but still have plenty leftover for snacks and breakfast. Olivia liked them, Shelby did not even try one.

As for the rest of the week, tonight we will enjoy pizza at the Football and Cheer banquet. Tomorrow will be dining on the go between dance and basketball practice (and a funeral for a dear friend who left way too early).

Thursday is actually not looking bad so something may get prepared at home. Strangely, the Stouffers lasagna keeps calling to me from the freezer. Pin It

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