Monday, December 19, 2011

december craftiness

Many of the projects that have been in the works awhile are now being completed and given to the proper recipents.
Olivia made "grinch pills" for her three main teachers. This was a great project for a 10 year old. Once I described it, she did it all herself. You can fine the original Grinch Pills blog post here. It also links to the attached tag. This is the original:

These doughnut treats were a Pinterest find. It took me NO time AT ALL to do this. I used cello bags and then made the faces with Sharpie markers. It seriously does not get much easier than this!

And finally, 4 of the 6 "just add snow" snowman kits have been delivered. I must boast and tell you, I am quite proud that I produced these hats. Sewing circles is typically way beyond my comfort zone but the directions were spot on. I am also proud to say that beyond buying black felt by the yard, a bit of orange felt for noses and black rocks at the Dollar Store for faces, I used all materials that I had on hand. Go me! This idea was spotted originally on Pinterest too.

I know my posting and sharing has been sporadic but I am pleased with the number of homemade/handmade gifts I was able to churn out this year and those that include my girls are that much more fun and special. Hopefully in a day or two, I will share the 20+ dog toys that Olivia has made for delivery to the SPCA. She refuses to let me off the hook so I hope to produce 20 more catnip pillows to take along too. Well 20+ because we have a few kitties on our Christmas list who need treats too!
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