Friday, February 17, 2012

InstaFriday 2.17.12

Joining Life ReArranged for InstaFriday again this week.

 If I were not taking iPhone photos, there would be no documentation whatsoever. Good thing I choose to love the one I'm with and put that on board camera to good use!

Check up approximately 6 hours after eye surgery.

A cookie bouquet for their Dad for said eye surgery :)

My reader. She discovered a book in her bookcase with a handwritten note from the giver of the book. It was dated June 2001 and was given to me at a baby shower when I was pregnant with Olivia. Such a great thing to discover. Thanks to my friend Rose :)

Olivia's butterfly still doing quite well.

New kicks for me.

Dance Class.

Enjoying the handmade Valentine that both of my girls shared with classmates. They were a HUGE hit.

 Look at all those tickets! Spending her quarters at the school skating party.

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