Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm bringing Blogging back!

I miss it. I am not sure who will remain as followers after my very sporadic performance over the last few months but that doesn't matter {much}. Perhaps the biggest void is personal because when I sit down {so rarely these days} to work on recording memories, I do not have this digital diary to consult. As my kids get older it may be that I share less about them both because as a pre-teen, one may not want her photo and life details broadcast and secondly because I have a truly duel role now as a mom and a person fully back in the work force. The good news is that while the photos may not be of my kids specifically, that date stamp on the posts jogs my memory as does the meal I may have prepared or craft we created. That is enough of a creative boost for me to easily plug in details to our family scrapbook.  I also am immersed in social media and have interesting clients and colleagues who expose me to new information daily. I plan to share those kinds of tidbits here as well.

So as an attempt to finish off 2012 in strong fashion here are a few glimpses of what has been going on!

I am still a Pinterest enthusiast. I have added a board for items I actually make, bake, create or in some way complete. I add in a little commentary as well. Here's the latest:

Very yummy. Easy to prepare. My downfall is that the cakes did not release well from the pans. Boo!

Another fun board that I add to regularly is Contests On Pinterest. I do this because I like to participate in some of them although I have yet to win. I also collect these because I am involved in planning and executing contests like this for clients and I like to see what others are doing and especially see what works well and what doesn't. 

My shameless plug...please participate in the Fresh Express Salads Sweepstakes on Pinterest. There is one running now through the end of November and another will begin December 1. Click ::HERE:: to enter. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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