Saturday, December 8, 2012

2013 calendars for gifting

This is my 4th or 5th year for making calendars for my family members. My love of digi scrapbook stuff + picture taking always makes this a given. But this year I have worked more, taken most photos with my iphone instead of my DSLR and I find myself with less time to make this tradition happen. About 10 days ago, I thought this would be the year I did NOT do them.

And then I saw these awesome 4x6 printables from Eighteen25:
And we did an impromptu at-home photo shoot that resulted in a handful of worthy pictures of the girls, dog and family. 

Last year I gave simple 4x6 photos that contained a monthly calendar and were joined by a 4x6 magnetic frame and acrylic easel. Easy peasy.

So to capitalize on the Eighteen25 freebies and last year's framing options I devised this plan...

I retrofitted an 8x10 calendar template from Scrapflower to include one photo of my girls and to print at 4x6. Making this:

into this:

I printed all freebies from Eighteen 25 and included two more photos (one of just my girls and one of our family). I spent just under $15 for all of these at Costco and I will have a total of 10 sets to give (and 1-2 for myself!).

Today I quickly packaged them in a cello bag and added a bit of washi tape and they are ready for giving! Woot Woot and Merry Christmas!

Past calendars:

I hope this gives those of you who think it may be too late for handmade gifts an extra push. Pin It

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jamie@eighteen25 said...

what an excellent idea!! i love it!!