Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

My focus (and praises!) for this week go to Trader Joes! TJ's is not super close but I always love going but this time I was looking for healthy options and was not disappointed. The organic cherry tomatoes (a blend of reds and yellows) were some of the best I have EVER eaten. I ate them by the handful as a snack (more like candy) and also added them to everything thing I could. The sliced fresh pineapple was also delicious. I think I ate that in less than 24 hours.

Last night, I made a Rachael Ray recipe: Creamed Chicken with gnocchi dumplings. Trader Joe's gnocchi is $1.99 per pkg and as far as I know, I have never seen them priced this low. And they are good. And surprisingly not a terrible diet buster. For this recipe, I used 2% milk instead of half n half. I did not figure out the points value, and I am sure it was pretty high, but oh my word, this stuff is delicious. I ate a half of can of green beans on the side for balance :)

I also purchased a frozen Chicken Fajita Burrito at Trader Joes but have not yet made that. This was a sound choice points wise so I have high hopes it will be tasty. I also bought a loaf of the most incredible Sesame Semolina Bread. Each slice was 4 pts, but I toasted it and made open faced sandwiches.

And last, the biggest win of the trip: Chicken Sausage with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil. 3pts. 3pts! I ate this grilled served with sauteed (in cooking spray) onions, peppers and mushrooms and it was so crazy delicious, I was amazed. I even used a real hot dog bun (just 3 pts) but in the end only ate half of that. I know this is going to be a summer grilling staple because it is the healthiest option I have come across. But without compromising on flavor.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Meal Plan: March 28 2011

Sunday: Hot Dogs, Metts and Chicken Sausage from Trader Joe's (the sausage was delicious and only 3 WW points) I sauteed peppers, mushrooms and onions for mine.
Monday: Grilled Hamburgers and Baked Beans
Tuesday: Chicken (either this or this)
Wednesday: Kroger Meals Made Simple Meal with Rice
Thursday: carry out or pizza
Friday: Shrimp or Fish

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I begin today with a disclaimer. During my one month on this plan, I have lost 3.8lbs total. I am not an expert. With that said, I am following the rules (and points allotment) fairly closely and still plan to share my hits and misses. The week I lost the most, I used none of my 49 extra points. When I have either gained or stayed the same, I have had a big weekend "occasion" where I allowed myself to splurge. Big time. So, there is hope for the method. Just don't invite me anywhere with great food or tempting alcoholic beverages. Just kidding. Kinda.

Moving right along to tasty food finds.
This little number was delicious and only 5pts. I ate it for lunch with half of an english muffin sprayed with 0 pt butter. I will buy it again and right now I think they are on super sale at Kroger.
I also ate these for breakfast one day. Pretty good. 5pts for two and you get two packs of two in the box. The main reason I prefer the other is because of the side of potatoes and veggies. I am all about the sides.

Next up, the Chipotle Nutrition Facts Calculator. So super cool. I was able to quickly determine the points of my Burrito Bowl before I even went to Chipotle for lunch. I ate half for lunch and will eat the other half tomorrow making them each 5.5pts based on my selections. For lunch today, I ate a half portion of Special K crackers with Salsa too.

Sonic. Oh, how I love thee. Although placing yourself in the drive thru is placing yourself in the face of temptation I do suggest getting their Route 44 Unsweetened Tea with lemon or Diet Coke. The styrofoam cup keeps the contents cold all day long. Last night, I threw mine out and there was still ice in the cup at 8pm. I view these drinks a "free" treat so I am happy on the days when I have one around. Today is a happy day :)

Any suggestions from fellow points counters out there?! Leave a comment.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wanna Win Something?!

Today is finally my day over at the Vintage Sheet Blog. I made a Kindle cover and if you want to win it, go visit and do as she asks :)
I did manage to do some serious grocery shopping earlier this morning so I feel confident there will be meals for my family this week but I don't have the time or motivation to list those formally here today. If you want to see the ideas of a half a bizillion others, go here.

I spent most of every day and night from Wednesday of last week through yesterday, (Ok, yesterday was a day of recovery for my foolish self) helping out on the school fundraiser. It seems to have been a crazy success. Shew. It did put me way behind both professionally and domestically so pardon me while I work to get my head back above water. Pin It

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday

I am pretty sure my very indulgent brunch on Sunday is going to tip the scales in the wrong direction. It really stinks that one day of going off track can effect the outcome of a whole week, you know?

Moving on to good news...foods that tastes good...and are good for you (or at least low in points!).
Lorna Doone 100 Calorie Packs - Um, yum! Too bad my girls loved them also. Six came in a box, I ate one pack on Monday, they came home from school and by 7p had each eaten two packs a piece, and Shelby took the last pack to school for a snack. I am definitely putting these back on my list.

Jell-o Sugar Free Boston Cream Pie Pudding - Very tasty. Very. 2 points I think.

Baked Shrimp in Lemony Garlic Sauce. I made this last night. It is so quick to put together and was really good. Dave ate every last bit of the shrimp. I served it over Angel Hair Pasta. I will make this again, probably on a Friday during Lent.

Last week I did well moving and exercising. This week? Not so much. I must get back on track.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

meal plan monday

Sunday: Kroger Meals Made Simple Beef Stir Fry. (this was surprisingly good and really a low fat option). Dave and I ate this over rice.
Monday: Baked Pork Chops (I used Shake N Bake which is only 1 point and is worth it for the flavor) Bob Evans Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Steam Fresh mixed veggies for me, Corn for the rest of the family and applesauce.
Tuesday: Dixie's Veggie Tacos I will have these for lunch today and at least one more day this week. For dinner Rice, Baked Shrimp in Lemony Garlic Sauce and Broccoli. I will make biscuits for the rest of the family.
School Restaurant Night Fundraiser
Thursday: Baked or Grilled Chicken Breasts, Veggie
Friday: ?
Saturday: School Grand Event
Yesterday my family had brunch at the Palm Court at the Hilton Netherland Plaza. It had been years since we enjoyed this luxury and it was worth every penny...and calorie! Best tastes of the day:

Haricots Verts in some kind of divine white sauce with onions and mushrooms
Made to order Omelets
Shrimp Cocktail
Mini Red Velvet Dessert Parfaits
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Creme Brulee delivered specially to our table with a birthday candle Pin It

Friday, March 11, 2011


I shared my first blog entry over at CatScrap. Go see! And then click over to the store and gallery b/c I have met so many great people and found the sweetest digi scrapping products around.

I completed day 3 of Couch to 5K. It is scary putting that out there b/c as much as I am a non-exerciser, multiply that by infinity and that is how much of a runner I AM NOT. Also, I have modified C25K and am doing it on the elliptical. No way I am taking my hot, breathing like a freak, mess of a person outdoors and in public. Baby steps, people. Baby Steps.

I mailed girl scout cookies to an out of town relative.

If you want to find me and join me on Pinterest, I AM HERE.

On Pinterest, you can collect cool things from around the internet like this:

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WWW-Weight Watchers Wednesday

How about it?

I am in a bit of a good mood having seen a decrease in my overall weight today. For the first time ever, I am on a formal diet. Weight Watchers. I am about 2.5 weeks into it and getting in a groove.

Things I like:

--all of the online tools, I am a computer person and I find this easy to use and access
--even better--the iphone app. I would say this has been biggest reason I am sticking to it. i enter my points for the day on the go and it works for me.
--laughing cow cheeses, each triangle is 1 point and they taste good. today i melted two with pasta and veggies and it was a yummy meal.

My major changes:

--I gave up COKE, I am now drinking diet coke and pepsi and doing just fine with it. apparently the carbonation was nearly as important to me as the taste. i did have one COKE on my birthday last Wednesday. it was my birthday and both girls were home with the flu. that COKE was worth every bit of it's 3 pts.
--breads and crackers. i have found tasty substitutes for these items and i don't miss my old standbys like white bread and club crackers at all. favorite options: Special K Crackers (you can eat 24 of these!), Healthy Life breads and whole wheat pretzel sticks.
--exercise. i am not good at it. i dont like it but i am moving 20-30 min per day.


--counting out and being super aware of portions
--i ordered a Venti Starbucks Iced Tea lemonade yesterday and then found out it was 5 points. So, I enjoyed that one and knew it was likely permanently off of my list. The good news? I can still have a Grande Light Frappucino for 3 points.
--pizza. Any way you slice it, it is a high number item. i have tried to eat one piece and fill out the rest of my meal with veggies and salad. this is hard b/c my family eats/order pizza about once per week.

That's it for now. Next week I will report back with hits and misses from the point counting trenches.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Meal Plan - 03.07.11

What's for dinner this week?

Monday: Chicken Divan Casserole (I will halve this recipe and use light ingredients where I can), nuggets for Olivia, broccoli on the side for Shelby
Tuesday: Tacos (salad or soft tacos) "cheese tacos" for the girls
Wednesday: ASH WEDNESDAY cheese pizza, salad or veggies and dip
Thursday: Dave and the kids can eat out, I have an evening meeting
Friday: ?? one girl hopes to have a friend sleepover and the other girl is going to a bday party

So, you know the saying "When one door closes, another door opens". I am experiencing that currently. I have been the blog editor at Little Dreamer Designs for about 18 months and have loved every minute of it. Michelle, the owner, is moving on to explore new opportunities which dictate that she close up the online store. While I am understanding and supportive, I was disappointed to lose this connection to the digi scrapbook world.

Fast forward to this weekend! I was contacted by another wonderful online store to assist with their blogging and marketing efforts. So very soon, you can find me at CatScrap. I feel flattered and lucky to have been selected and I am even more pleased to see many of the LDD designers will be joining me there as well. I hope you will visit.

Because you will find fun things like this kit there!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

in appreciation of...

In appreciation of...

Things that have made 3 sick days bearable:

RedBox for more movies
Gatorade made into ice cubes
A functioning washer and dryer
My laptop and wireless internet - making mom visible and on call 24/7
My iPhone - again access to the outside world while stranded inside with the girls
The Disney Channel

Not a fan of:

-the four tons of school work that has come home over the past 3 days with the expectation of being completed (by sick girls) and frazzled moms (me)
-missing Shelby's last basketball game and team party
-being delayed in delivering Girl Scout cookies (sorry everyone!) Pin It

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday gifts

Today is my birthday. I am forty with two years of experience.
On Saturday, my Mom surprised me with this awesome, crocheted, handmade blanket. The colors match my bedroom and I love the stripes, a great modern take on crochet.

A week or so before that, she gave me this handmade apron. Totally cute, right! I love that my Mom is retired and crafting it up.

My model holding up the apron in the sunshine.
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I need to add...because we are going to celebrate our birthdays together next week with brunch at the Palm Court we agreed not to exchange gifts. My mom is not a very good listener.

Ok, the birthday began with Olivia home sick from school with a fever. Before 9a, the school called b/c Shelby had a 102 temp. The flu and illnesses are taking over their grade school and unfortunately, they are the next two afflicted.

I kinda like having them home and taking the day at a slower pace but I do wish they would feel better.
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vintage sheet giveaways all month long

Each day this month, All Things Vintage Sheets, will have a giveaway. Mid month, I will be sharing and giving away a kindle cover so check back. Today's lovely is:
Pay the blog a visit to sign up to win.

The sun is shining today...thank goodness! I am afflicted with that "seasonal, not enough sun makes Tracy grumpy" disorder I think. Once the kids get home, I am going to take pics of some great gifts I have recently received and will share those tomorrow. Hint: handmade. Hint: my mom is the greatest. Pin It